Afropop Worldwide is the site for popular African music. Includes afrtists biographies, discographies, interviews, photographs, and sound samples as well as articles, discussion boards, music reviews, a radio show, and general information. Run by African music expert Banning Eyre, Afropop is an excellent guide for the African music lover. Definitely the best African music site on the net.

Images Used:
Khiama Boys Kutambura CD cover.


Dandemutande is a complete Zimbabwean music resource. With gig info, a mailing list, a resource guide, a magazine, and a music catalog, Dandemutande is the definitive online source for Zim music info. The mailing list is a an excellent source of Zim news, information, and discussion, while the catalog features a mix of traditional mbira-based recordings as well as the more popular music featured on this site. A new shipment of CDs and cassettes has arrived recently. Dandemutande has been a great help in aiding with the creation of this site!

*NEW* Dandemutande has recently revamped their resource list, which is absolutely phenomenol for Zimbabwean and African music as a whole. Click here to visit.

1122 East Pike Street, # 1163
Seattle, WA
98122-3934 USA

Images Used:
Robson Banda photo and Greatest Hits… CD cover; Bhundu Boys True Jit, Live at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut and Pamberi CD covers; John Chibadura The Essentialand More of the Essential… CD covers; James Chimombe photo and Greatest Hits CD cover; Jonah Sithole Sabhuku CD cover; The Four Brothers Brothers,Makorokoto: Best of…, and Manga Manga CD covers; Zimbabwe Frontline 1, 2, &3, Hits of Zimbabwe 2 & 3, Rough Guide…, Vibrant Zimbabwe, Jit, Everyone’s Child CD covers; Biggie Tembo Out of Africa CD cover.

The Daily News

The website of Zimbabwe’s only daily independent The Daily News.


The music section of Zimbabwe’s EcoWeb portal. Offers information on different artists and their respective types of music.

Images Used:
Jonah Moyo photo; Chazeseza Challengers photo

Mbira Page

Website offering information on mbira-based music including traditional styles as well as artists such as Mapfumo and Sithole.


Website of the annual ZimFest music festival. Features traditional artists in an annual concert-workshop series. ZimFest 2002 is set for July 12th, 13th, & 14, 2002 in Seattle, Washington, USA.


Graham, Ronnie. Da Capo Guide to Contemporary African Music. London: Da Capo Press, 1988. Available used from Amazon.
Graham, Ronnie. The World of African Music: Stern’s Guide to Contemporary African Music, Volume One. London: Pluto, 1988. Sometimes available used from Amazon.
Graham, Ronnie. The World of African Music: Stern’s Guide to Contemporary African Music, Volume Two. London: Pluto, 1992. Available fromAmazon.

Ronnie Graham’s African Music books are defintiely top notch. With musical histories, bios and discographies from across the continent, his guides are a valuable source of information for any African music enthousiast. Extensive information on South Africa, the Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and almost every other African country. A short history of each nation also included.

Much, if not most, of the discographical information found on this site has been compiled with the help of Graham’s second volume.

Zindi, Fred. Roots Rocking in Zimbabwe. Gweru: Mango Press, 1990.

Fred Zindi’s book is one of the first publications to focus entirely on Zimbabwe and its musical development. A musician himself with Shaka, Zindi’s guide has been an invaluable aid in the formation of this site, especially regarding some of the earlier names in Zimbabwean music. His book includes an account of the rise of the Zimbabwean music industry, and contains commentary on many groups and solo artists. Although only available from ZimBobonline, Zindi’s book may be found in some music libraries, such as the Music Library of the University of Toronto.

Zindi, Fred. Music YeZimbabwe: Zimbabwe Versus the World. 1997. ISBN 0 86922 360 7

Fred Zindi’s second book is an updated version of the earlier Roots Rocking in Zimbabwe. The volume has been reviewed to include new musicians, emerging music genres, an updated Zimbabwean music history, and a section on the international names of African music.

If one can get past the relatively amateurish presentation, the books is a good resource, especially considering the numerous profiles of Zimbabwean musicians not included in the first volume.

Turino, Thomas. Nationalists, Cosmopolitans, and Popular Music in Zimbabwe. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000.

Thomas Turino’s guide to the development of music in modern-day Zimbabwe covers the influence of post-war colonialism and eventual independence on both traditional and contemporary music. As part of the University of Chicago series Studies in Ethnomusicology, the book provides a more detailed and ‘scientific’ account than Zindi’s book above. An invaluable guide to those who want to see the nuts and bolts of musical development in Zimbabwe,Nationalists, Cosmopolitans…, however, fails to cover the rise of Zimbabwe’s influential pop bands of the late 80s and 90s (the focus of this site.). Turino’s guide has been used to formulate profiles and discographies of Susan Mapfumo, Oliver Mtukudzi, the Real Sounds, and a few other artists.

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