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Here is a limited list of links pertaining to Zimbabwean music, culture, and life. For more links, please check out the Resources page, Where to Buy, and the Zim Music Primer.

If you have a link you’d like to see added, please contact me.

Dandemutande The internet’s definitive Zim music and culture magazine and catalog.
MBIRA Erica Azim’s non-profit group devoted to Shona mbira music.
Portland Zim Music One of many outposts of Zim music in the Pacific Northwest. Dan Shoom’s Canadian marimba troupe, Nyamamusango.
Music Africa Home of Afrofest, Toronto’s annual African music festival
Shona Lyrics Lyrics to more than a 300 Shona, English, and Ndebele songs.
Zimfest The annual Zimbabwean music festival held on the Pacific coast.
Zimnites Zimbabwe’s dance and trance scene.
Africancolours A portal for African artists and contemporary visual art.
Chirundu A community for Zimbabweans abroad.
Culture of Zimbabwe Zimbabwean culture resources and links.
One Love Mag Online youth magazine out of Harare.
Shona Language Lessons Introductory Shona online.
Savannahnotes An outpost for Ndebele culture, as well as overseas Zimbabweans.
The Chronicle A state-run newspaper.
The Daily News Zimbabwe’s only independent Daily Newspaper.
The Herald Zimbabwe’s daily state-run newspaper.
The Independent Another leading independent newspaper.
The Financial Gazette An independent, business-focused weekly.
SW Radio Africa Independent short-wave radio in Zimbabwe.
ZBC The state-controlled broadcasting service with streaming radio.
ZW News Daily site for net news and links on Zimbabwe.
ZANU-PF Zimbabwe’s ruling party.
MDC Zim’s opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change.
Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum An independent watch-dog devoted to ensuring human rights.
Zimbabwe Democracy Trust An independent organization devoted to promoting democracy.
Commercial Farmers Union The homepage of the nation’s predominant farming organization.
Farm Invasion Page A private site detailing farm invasions across the country.
Sportscity A portal to Zimbabwean sport news, specifically soccer and rugby.
Africa Online A continental portal to all things African.
Ecoweb A starting point for links from all categories of Zimbabwean life.
M-Web A Southern African ISP and internet portal.

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