Record Labels

Gramma Records

Formerly known as Teal Records, Gramma is Zimbabwe’s largest record company. Carry most of the popular artists including John Chibadura, Jonah Moyo, The Four Brothers, Khiama Boys, Leonard Dembo, Simon Chimbetu, and many others. Their website has been down since Nov 01.

Gramma Records
Stand 732 Harare Drive
New Ardbennie
P.O. Box ST 21, Southerton
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263-4-64581
Fax: +263-4-730909

Zimbabwe Music Corporation

Formerly under the wing of South Africa’s Gallo Records, ZMC is Zimbabwe’s second largest recording company, which carries artists such as Leonard Zhakata, Andy Brown & the Storm, Oliver Mtukudzi, and many others.

Zimbabwe Music Corporation (ZMC)
Pollack House
30 Robson Manyika Ave
P.O. Box 4824
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263-4-724492
Fax: +263-4-720378

Record & Tape Promotions

Zimbabwe’s newest record company, RTP is the smallest of the three.

Record & Tape Promotions
Chancellor House
Samora Machel Avenue
P.O. Box BW 58, Borrowdale
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263-4-724492
Fax: +263-4-720378


Record label and distributor. Stern’s started off as a small shop in London, England, and has grown to be the best source for African music on the planet. Although they carry Zimbabwean compilations through their Earthwork’s label (Frontline, Jit), their label remains largely centred on South African music and soukous. Has offices in London, New York, and Sao Paolo.

Cooking Vinyl

British label which carries a few African artists. Cooking Vinyl introduced The Four Brothers to the world and picked up the Bhundu Boys after they parted ways with WEA and Island.

Cooking Vinyl
PO Box 1845
London, England
W10 4BT
Tel: 44 (81) 960-6000
Fax: 44 (81) 960-1120

Cherry Red Records

Another British indie label. Carries the Real Sounds and their album Get Real/7 Miles High.


American label that releases Thomas Mapfumo’s work, as well as other African albums. Offers a huge selection of his CDs. Buying from Anonymous ensures that your money is being directed to the artist.


ZimBob is the label responsible for the release of the Vibrant Zimbabwe compilation as well as Jonah Sithole, Robson Banda, Thomas Mapfumo, and James Chimombe Best of… albums. Dormant for a few years, they have also released mbira-based albums.

ZimBob Inc.
PO Box 2421
Champaign, IL
61825 USA


South African giants which carry most of the popular Western artists throughout Africa. Do have a large archive of African recordings, including some Zimbabwean artists including Leonard Dembo, Zexie Manatsa, the Zimbabwe Clear Sounds and the Kassongo Band.

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