Zimbabwe Music Guide Everything you’ve wanted to know on jit, chimurenga, sungura, rhumbira,
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Zimbabwean Music Guide

Zimbabwean Music Guide – This site is operating as an archive only. No new information will be added.  I hope you enjoy the five years of work that went into this, and that the existing information remains usefula nd relevant. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of the catalogue. – Welcome to the home … Continue reading Zimbabwean Music Guide


Afropop Afropop Worldwide is the site for popular African music. Includes afrtists biographies, discographies, interviews, photographs, and sound samples as well as articles, discussion boards, music reviews, a radio show, and general information. Run by African music expert Banning Eyre, Afropop is an excellent guide for the African music lover. Definitely the best African music … Continue reading Credits